Encounter ORGA Team


Hi! My name is Jesin Yu, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Cologne, Germany (Cologne chapter II). I’m serving this year’s conference as an Orgateam-member next to Sua and Paul.

Last year, God called me to be in the Orgateam and this is a great honor to me. I believe that being in the Orgateam is God’s answer to me to grow spiritually a lot since this is my main prayer topic for 2017. I also pray that I may learn to trust God with all my heart.

This year’s conference theme will be “True Worship”. For me, true worship can be understood as a natural reaction when we perceive God and how great His love, grace and allmightiness is. We are created to praise and worship God and when we know who He is and how blessed we are, then we cannot keep quiet. I hope that Encounter 2017 will help us all to get to know God even deeper so that we can think about our own “worship-life” and develop the desire to be a true worshipper according to God’s heart.

My vision for Encounter is that it won’t be just a conference held every year, but a chance for us to come together, pray for and encourage each other and worship God as one voice.

I’m already looking forward seeing you all at this year’s Encounter conference! 🙂


Hi there. I’m Paul Lee, from Athens, Greece. I’m 22 years old and I study Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, which is quite interesting.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know what to do, so you decide to give it a try? That’s what exactly happened to me when I was asked to join the Orga team for the Encounter 2017. I wasn’t sure whether that was the right decision, whether I was the right one and I wasn’t sure about what to expect or even what I was supposed to do.

But currently, I’m 100% sure that God has been doing great things in my life! I grew a lot in many areas but mostly I was blessed to think and be challenged to live a life of true worship. I am a Christian, I know God and I know the gospel. But how am I supposed to live? Over those past few months, I was encouraged and inspired to live a life of true worship, which is more than a song , a life style pleasing to God and I’m so excited to discover more of it!

And that’s my vision for this Encounter, that we may all become true worshipers as we encounter God. See you soon at the conference!


Hello. I am Sua Kim (22) from Mannheim. I studied Business Administration at Mannheim Business School and am currently thinking about studying education next.

I joined the Encounter Orga Team in 2014 along with Esther Nett and Esra Hong. Preparing the conferences and working together with the first generation has been a great privilege and a valuable experience to me. I thank God for the way He is encountering and changing myself and many other people – young and old – through Encounter.

My vision for Encounter is the establishment of a lasting network especially between all new gens of UBF Europe and beyond, where young people meet, encourage, and bless each other in their life of faith.

To me, “True worship” is not merely the theme of another conference, but my earnest desire and a personal prayer topic. I hope that this year’s conference will inspire and equip all of us to lead a life as true worshipers who worship God in the Spirit and in truth.


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